One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi Eduardo,

    My name is Steven Khoury, and I had previously requested to use your work in a Psychedelic video dedicated to MAPS research. At the time, my sister Denise contacted you as I was not on Facebook, and you were very kind in granting me permission.

    The vid is now complete and I wanted to give you the YouTube link:


    and desktop:

    Your image starts time: 24:25

    Many friends and colleagues have already made comments about your art and love it. I have added a direct link to your site which I’ve placed in the ‘info section’ of the vid under Contributing Artists.

    I certainly hope it generates additional interest in your work. If you like it, perhaps you could use it with friends on your own inner journeys and pass it around, like it, or make a comment.

    I would love to work with your images again at some stage.

    Warmest regards,
    Steve Anthony Khoury

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